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February 22, 2006

JWRL blog is live!

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Hello and welcome to the Jim Walewander Rotisserie League Blogging HQ. I have a couple comments to kick this thing off.

First, feel free to bookmark the blog ( I plan on updating once or twice per week with league news or content of some sort. It may just be me wasting my leisure time, but it may also be meaningful or even entertaining. At the very least, it will be JWRL-related.

I went with wordpress because it (1) is pretty easy to set up, (2) requires little content-independent maintenance from my side, (3) is generally more dependable than blogspot, and (4) also tends to be pretty feature rich as far as free blog services go (feed subscriptions, categorization, and search functions for the win). Alternatives are welcome, but barring something major I think this place will work out nicely.

Feel free to leave comments. I don’t think registration is required, but you may be asked to leave name/email. Some hint as to which owner/team you are is encouraged.

Last, if you have a blog or website of your own and want to advertise/show off for your leaguemates, let me know. I’ll put just about anything over there to the right. Right now, I’ve got a few links explaining this whole milk controversy for the new/uninformed. Mr. Walewander (sadly) was before my time, but I found the stuff quite interesting.

Music enthusiasts… which album will bring new or returning owners luck on draft day? Big Lizard? Bucky Fellini? Beelzebubba? Another one? Or just steer clear altogether?


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