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March 27, 2006

FantasyAuctioneer and you

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Here's a quick process to make sure you're set for Thursday night. I made the screenshots hastily, so the blurring may be off. Just click the thumbnailed images to be taken to their full sizes.

1. Go to the FantasyAuctioneer home page.

2. Click Register.

3. Fill out the form. Make sure to uncheck the newsletter and check the user agreement.
Registration, Part Two

4. Once you're registered, head back to the main page. Login at the top left corner if you're not already. If you're logged in, then the next step is to enter get into JWRL. In order to do this, click in the middle of the page. Our league login and password are "JWRL" and "jwalewander" respectively. They are case sensitive, so "jwrl" won't work as the login. Obviously, the quotation marks surrounding the login and password aren't part of the login and password.
League entry

5. That should take you to a page to put in your league name. The important thing is to get something resembling (preferably exactly resembling) the team name currently in the TQS system on the league page.
League entry, Part two

6. Once you've done that you should be done. If you go back to the main page and are logged in, you should be able to click "My Auctions" and be taken to something along the lines of that below.

You should be good to go. Your keepers will be put onto your team by someone else, and you're set to go on Thursday as long as the auctioneer software works on your machine.

As always, email questions to someone that can do something about it, or comment here.


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