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April 17, 2006

Walewonders: Dumping in April?

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Chris Shelton is on pace for 112 homeruns. The JWRL defending champ is sitting in 16th place. The New York Mets are winning 80% of their games.

But one thing stands out. Not a tenth of the way into 2006, teams are dumping for 2007 and beyond. In the last week, four trades have gone down generating a salary gap of over $32 per deal. The Hustlers/Jacks blockbuster created a gap of $65.

Asked to comment, shortstop Miguel Tejada had this to say: "I wanted to be dealt to a competitive team, and then I didn't want to be dealt to a competitive team. I don't really know what I want, but I'm looking forward to competing, or not, with the Whiskey Jacks."

Closer Brad Lidge was more committal. "I really thought we had a good chance of putting a nice season together for the Big Tymers. I can't believe I was dealt for a guy named Pie. I've been on some bad April teams–things didn't seem that bad." Lidge did admit that he was happy to be reunited on the Sorcerers with former teammate Roy "The Wizard" Oswalt.

With three teams apparently dumping already, who knows which will be next? Outfielder Willy Taveras certainly doesn't: "I've moved around so much in the last two seasons, you'd think that someone would have figured out that my name is not spelled 'Tavarez.' I just don't know what to expect any more."

The owners of the Hustlers, Big Tymers, and Spleen were unavailable for comment. One source close to Mr. Pierce, owner of the Hustlers, mentioned that Pierce was looking forward to cold beer and an exciting summer movie season, specifically the third X-Men movie.

And the JWRL season continues.



  1. The LOP’s only have one question, “When will someone with some stud SP’s dump?” Delmon Young, who is already frustrated with management keeping him in the minors now finds out that he is trade bait had this to say, “Screw those two! They don’t know me. I hope I get traded so I can come back here and stick it to them!” Rick Vaugh was very proud. Guzman was just happy to find out he wasn’t changing positions again.

    Comment by Frae-Lords of the Pit — April 17, 2006 @ 3:56 pm

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