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May 4, 2006

Trade between LOTP and Villenueve

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Lords receive:
Brandon Webb, $10 (B)
Billy Wagner, $25
5th rounder, '07 MSML

HectorVillenueve receives:
Joel Guzman, $5 (minors)
Ray Liotta, $1 (minors)
1st rounder, '07 MSML


May 2, 2006

JWRL Standings: May Update

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Twenty-six games into the season, the Lords' potent offense has carried them to a 3 game lead over the Derrek Lee-less Cover Farm. The Whiskey Jacks have been surging since the deal that brought them Miguel Tejada and Eric Chavez.

Even though offense may dominate early in the season, a cluster of teams with strong pitching sit just behind the top three. Early dumping aside, the race is still wide open as we enter May.

Well, maybe unless you're Null Set. Hampered by slow starts (Dan Johnson) and injuries (Todd Helton, Ben Sheets, C.C. Sabathia, etc.), the Set hasn't been able to get off the ground.

JWRL Standings

Note: The different W% numbers indicate partial wins and reflect actual JWRL standings as of May 2. There isn't really a four way tie for 6th, but as far as being only 26 games into the season it is effectively a four way tie.

A couple technical notes in case any of you are interested: WordPress doesn't seem to allow tables much functionality in either the WYSIWYG or in raw HTML, so I was forced to use a picture. Hope that works out alright.

Also, WordPress has been way slow lately. This was recently posted though:

Hey guys, I just wanted to apologize for the slowdown and system errors the past week or so. I'm on constantly and the problems have been incredibly annoying.

So it's a "We're fixing it ASAP" kind of thing, and hopefully the blog will run more smootly in the near future.

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