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May 2, 2006

JWRL Standings: May Update

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Twenty-six games into the season, the Lords' potent offense has carried them to a 3 game lead over the Derrek Lee-less Cover Farm. The Whiskey Jacks have been surging since the deal that brought them Miguel Tejada and Eric Chavez.

Even though offense may dominate early in the season, a cluster of teams with strong pitching sit just behind the top three. Early dumping aside, the race is still wide open as we enter May.

Well, maybe unless you're Null Set. Hampered by slow starts (Dan Johnson) and injuries (Todd Helton, Ben Sheets, C.C. Sabathia, etc.), the Set hasn't been able to get off the ground.

JWRL Standings

Note: The different W% numbers indicate partial wins and reflect actual JWRL standings as of May 2. There isn't really a four way tie for 6th, but as far as being only 26 games into the season it is effectively a four way tie.

A couple technical notes in case any of you are interested: WordPress doesn't seem to allow tables much functionality in either the WYSIWYG or in raw HTML, so I was forced to use a picture. Hope that works out alright.

Also, WordPress has been way slow lately. This was recently posted though:

Hey guys, I just wanted to apologize for the slowdown and system errors the past week or so. I'm on constantly and the problems have been incredibly annoying.

So it's a "We're fixing it ASAP" kind of thing, and hopefully the blog will run more smootly in the near future.


April 17, 2006

Walewonders: Dumping in April?

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Chris Shelton is on pace for 112 homeruns. The JWRL defending champ is sitting in 16th place. The New York Mets are winning 80% of their games.

But one thing stands out. Not a tenth of the way into 2006, teams are dumping for 2007 and beyond. In the last week, four trades have gone down generating a salary gap of over $32 per deal. The Hustlers/Jacks blockbuster created a gap of $65.

Asked to comment, shortstop Miguel Tejada had this to say: "I wanted to be dealt to a competitive team, and then I didn't want to be dealt to a competitive team. I don't really know what I want, but I'm looking forward to competing, or not, with the Whiskey Jacks."

Closer Brad Lidge was more committal. "I really thought we had a good chance of putting a nice season together for the Big Tymers. I can't believe I was dealt for a guy named Pie. I've been on some bad April teams–things didn't seem that bad." Lidge did admit that he was happy to be reunited on the Sorcerers with former teammate Roy "The Wizard" Oswalt.

With three teams apparently dumping already, who knows which will be next? Outfielder Willy Taveras certainly doesn't: "I've moved around so much in the last two seasons, you'd think that someone would have figured out that my name is not spelled 'Tavarez.' I just don't know what to expect any more."

The owners of the Hustlers, Big Tymers, and Spleen were unavailable for comment. One source close to Mr. Pierce, owner of the Hustlers, mentioned that Pierce was looking forward to cold beer and an exciting summer movie season, specifically the third X-Men movie.

And the JWRL season continues.

March 31, 2006

Auction results

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Quick post, just to get the spreadsheet out to you guys. Here you go.

March 27, 2006

FantasyAuctioneer and you

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Here's a quick process to make sure you're set for Thursday night. I made the screenshots hastily, so the blurring may be off. Just click the thumbnailed images to be taken to their full sizes.

1. Go to the FantasyAuctioneer home page.

2. Click Register.

3. Fill out the form. Make sure to uncheck the newsletter and check the user agreement.
Registration, Part Two

4. Once you're registered, head back to the main page. Login at the top left corner if you're not already. If you're logged in, then the next step is to enter get into JWRL. In order to do this, click in the middle of the page. Our league login and password are "JWRL" and "jwalewander" respectively. They are case sensitive, so "jwrl" won't work as the login. Obviously, the quotation marks surrounding the login and password aren't part of the login and password.
League entry

5. That should take you to a page to put in your league name. The important thing is to get something resembling (preferably exactly resembling) the team name currently in the TQS system on the league page.
League entry, Part two

6. Once you've done that you should be done. If you go back to the main page and are logged in, you should be able to click "My Auctions" and be taken to something along the lines of that below.

You should be good to go. Your keepers will be put onto your team by someone else, and you're set to go on Thursday as long as the auctioneer software works on your machine.

As always, email questions to someone that can do something about it, or comment here.

March 24, 2006

New news you should know

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Latest auction date: Thursday, March 30, 6pm-10:30pm PST
Medium: FantasyAuctioneer
Sweetest Thursday night game: Texas over WVU. Hook ’em.

UPDATE 03/25: This date is finalized.  Celebration follows.

March 23, 2006

JWRL owners use protection

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The lists are in.  Click here for an Excel file detailing the pool of protected players.  As always, let me know of any errors that you uncover.

Most expensive player kept: Albert Pujols ($50)
Average salary of kept players: $10.59
Least money available for auction: $93 (Round Trippers)
Most money available for auction: $248 (Brentwood Wood)
Average money available for auction: $176.37

Important: Auction on pause

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The auction will not be scheduled until the issues with FantasyAuctioneer are resolved. I was mistaken in assuming the auction would stay on track with the last proposed dates. Sorry for the confusion.

In related news, don’t drag your feet concerning scheduling. If you get an email with a scheduling question, reply immediately. Make everybody’s life easier.

March 21, 2006

Auction related actions

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With the expansion draft behind us and the first auction date nearly on top of us, there are important announcements concerning our auction (which is set to begin this Thursday).

First, keeper lists are due in two days. They must be turned in by Thursday, March 23 at 9AM PST. Turning them in before then is perfectly fine.

There is a specific note on the format of your keepers email to make things easier to sort out:


Player 1’s name (Salary)
Player 2’s name (Salary)

Total salary kept: $__
Total salary available: $__

A reminder: Salary available is not $260 minus kept. It is $280 minus kept. Bench spots are integrated into the auction, and an additional $20 is provided.

Second announcement: To make things easier on a number of people as well as saving costs on an auctioneer, Steve wants us to consider using FantasyAuctioneer. Click here for a link to the demo/test that they provide. It works great for me (WinXP, Java 2 v1.5, Firefox v1.5.0.1), and it looks like the guys that have used it before like it a lot. If you have troubles with the demo or other concerns, email Kevin or comment here.

March 20, 2006

Expansion results

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The expansion to 19 teams is complete. For a quick summary of the draft, find the Excel file here. It was a snake style draft starting with Roy Halladay and floating all the way down to Rafael Furcal.

Expect freeze lists to be collected soon.  The auction is just around the corner.

March 19, 2006

Expansion tomorrow, really

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It looks like there will only be two teams expanding, but the draft will be taking place on AIM tomorrow, March 20th at 6PM PST. Obviously, the two expansion owners are the key participants, but it would be nice if non-expansion owners showed up.

UPDATE: The draft will be at 6PM Pacific, not Eastern.

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